Mentoring & MentorMe



The majority of offenders, 97%, expressed a desire to stop offending. When prisoners are asked what factors would be important in their rehabilitation most stressed the importance of ‘having a job, somewhere to live and support on release’.


MentorMe is one of the lead organisations of the SixtyOne Partnership.

It is a mentoring organisation which offers ex-offenders support on release from prison. Its aim is reduce reoffending by offering support, encouragement and care to those wishing to make positive changes to their lives. Support is offered prior to and on release from prison, and we also work with men and women who have been on the outside for some time but would value additional support to carry out those changes.


MentorMe is actively engaged in offering training, support and encouragement  to those ministers and congregations who are willing to offer biblical hospitality to those recently released from prison. We are particularly keen to support churches who have small groups of volunteers who would like to become mentors.


Our volunteer mentors are men and women from local Christian communities who will support anyone regardless of whether they have a faith or not. They come from various backgrounds including builders, nurses, students, retired business men and women. We are careful to match suitable volunteers with the needs of those leaving prison.

We are looking for people who are reliable, understanding, show empathy and have a desire to help those who are vulnerable and fearful about returning to life outside of prison. What is required are life experience and a good sense of humour! Our overall aim is to help an ex offender to succeed in helping him or herself.

What can you do?

If you or your church would like to know more about the project please do get in touch by email.

Or call: 0117 403 7905