Working with SixtyOne Through Prayer



“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness.”  Martin Luther.

Pray for the Christmas Gift Initiative

This Christmas Sixty One and MentorMe has arranged for 1,600 prisoners in HMP Bristol, Leyhill and Ashfield to receive a Christmas gift bag. These bags include useful items such as shower gel and socks, and nice items such as Christmas cake and chocolate. There will also be an option for prisoners to receive a copy of St Luke’s gospel, where they read about the real meaning of Christmas, and the new life offered in Jesus.

Please pray that no unexpected problems prevent these gifts being distributed, such as staff shortages, and please pray for the prisoners who will receive them.

Many thanks to the seven Bristol churches who helped pack these. If you would like to donate towards the cost of the Christmas Gift initiative please click here

Prayer for Prisoners and ex-prisoners – many prisoners and ex-prisoners have very damaged histories, and chaotic futures with little sense of hope. They face numerous challenges both from the external world (employment issues, housing, debt etc.) and from within themselves (guilt, addiction, anger, depression, lack of self-worth and loneliness etc). Please pray that they will discover the love God has for them, and that they become prodigal sons and daughters returning to their loving Father. Pray that they can be born again into the life that God intended for them. Redemption is a truly wonderful gift.

Prayer for Sixty One – working with prisoners and ex-prisoners is a privilege, but very demanding. We live in a time when prisoners are commonly ‘demonised’ by many sections of the media. A result of this is that people hate the sinner, rather than the sin. This makes fundraising for Sixty One and its partner charities extremely difficult. It is a sad fact that many of the fundraising activities open to charities with more popular causes just do not work for charities working with prisoners and ex-prisoners.

In addition, criminal justice work is seen as a ‘no win’ area for politicians, and so a significant amount of policy and practice has been created in response to how the media will portray it. This is not a healthy environment in which to tackle the long-term needs of reducing reoffending.

Please pray that the work of Sixty One will bring blessing through unity, build God’s Kingdom and that it will be financially well supported. Please also pray that we will be able to work in a criminal justice system that recognises prisoners as human beings, rather than problems to be fixed.